Be sure to check me out in the latest zombie apocalypse movie set for release later this year, Welcome to essex. I play the lead character, Sgt. Jerry Ahern. A solider who is dropped into the heart of Essex and must make his way towards the coast to safety.

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Fight Directing

Burridges other areas of expertise is choreographing and stunt work. He has worked in the media indusrty offering his services. Burridges latest project he is involved in, took him to India, where he is the fight director on the thriller, Figments, which is currently in production.

Using his vast knowledge of wrestling, infused with his knowledge of acting and media within the entertainment business, Burridge has embarked in a new focus. He is developing a hybrid form of on screen fighting that infuses all styles of pro wrestling mixed with mma Krav Maga and stage combat. Greg has labelled it Grap fu.

Check this space for more info, until then, watch the short documentary he made whilst working on the film figments.

Film Making

Burridge is also entering the world of directing, keen to get grap fu message out there, Burridge is currently developing a full length action feature.

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Burridge is also becoming a top alternative model. Modelling some of the latest designs in latex from top industry designers such as EctoMorph.

Also Greg will be appearing on catwalks in places such as the Brighton fetish weekend event.

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I have been a professional wrestler since 2002. I wrestled some of the worlds best wrestlers, wrestled for some of the most prestigious belts in the business and even held them titles around my waist. I have wrestled all over the globe, which has helped cement myself as one of the fan favourites with fans from all over the world. With my vast experience and knowledge, I am regarded as one of the top wrestlers in the UK.

Greg can also be seen as his alter ego, the king of the scrap heap Metallico, on the greatest wrestling Cabaret night out in the world Lucha Britannia Check out the website for more

I am known as the Cockney Crusader Greg Burridge, representing my home town of London. My trademark is a pair of furry dice attached to my wrestling trunks, they give me inner power and even help distract my opponent through figures hip shaking.

Check out my wrestling showreel just here.

Burridge has helped groom and mould some of the worlds greatest wrestlers into the pros they are today. Some have made it to the big leagues even winning world championships. Do you want to become a professional wrestler? Why not come train at the London School of Lucha Libre.

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